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INTEGRATING novel wireless passive strain SENSOR TECHNOLOGY

Making Mechanical Components “SMART”

iSentioLabs is a provider of innovative and market-disruptive process monitoring technology which brings new features and benefits to the industrial marketplace. The patent pending technology focuses on enhancing in-process visibility and control of costs in quality-critical mechanical product manufacturing.

Read the latest white paper “Making Standard Cutting Tools Smart” presented at DiMaP digital machining market place, July 2020

 iSentioLabs core competence lies in the ability to integrate the wireless passive strain sensor into niche components and structures and to unlock the process insight. Working in collaboration with our clients, our approach provides a tangible value proposition for clients in sectors such as aerospace, transport, tooling, machine building, mining, energy systems and bioengineering.

Wireless Passive Strain Sensing

The ability to measure strain wirelessly and  without the need for power on the sensor side solves many of the traditional reliability issues involved in structural health monitoring, machine and process monitoring. Eliminating these practical barriers opens many systems to the full potential of Industry 4.0 and digitisation.

Our Technology

Our technology is based on novel integration of wireless passive surface acoustic wave strain sensors (SAWS) which allows the potential to quantify physical measurands such as strain in aggressive environments. Strain and torque measurement with high dynamic bandwidth 2kHz can be realised providing insight into the process performance and system behaviour, enabling data driven decision. 


Applications where realtime wireless strain and torque are measured are wide and varied. The focus for initial development include applications in the advanced manufacturing domain, mining and rock cutting, as well as structural health monitoring where access to infrastructure are limited.

Our Team

Dr. Garret O’Donnell Founder



Dr. Paul Dunne CEO